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Partner Benefits

Registered Trend Micro partners get significant benefits from using the Partner Portal:
  • Additional Discount
  • Register Deals
  • Programs and Tools Designed for Service Providers
  • Access to the Trend Micro Sales Library
  • Access to the Education Portal and Product Cloud Instant Demo and Product Trial
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Partner Program

The Trend Micro Partner Program provides a comprehensive set of financial, marketing and technical benefits to ensure your business will grow quickly. Join our partner program and reap the benefits of partnering with Trend Micro.

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Partner Stories

See how our customers and partners are benefiting from working with Trend Micro.

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Become a Partner

For partners that sell or provide value add to Trend Micro security solutions, we offer a variety of programs to fulfil your needs. Check out and sign-up for the program to quickly get up to speed, close new business and ensure your success.
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